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Hair Fusion...What is it? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lovette   
Friday, 02 October 2009 03:45

At one time hair fusion was only worn by Hollywood stars and the rich. It was also believed that you had to have a certain hair texture; not true, not anymore!

Strand by Strand hair fusion has become the most popular method of hair extensions in use today. There are a few reasons this method is so sought after, one being it keeps your hair free flowing! The Fusion System is a very unique interlocking technique that involves weaving small amounts of hair onto your hair. When installed properly this technique is virtually undetectable.

There are two methods used for hair fusion, Hot and Cold; both of which should be done with human hair. Hot Fusion uses keratin tipped hair that is attached to the root of your hair using a special fusion wand; this method is good for anyone. Cold fusion uses silicone rings to attach the keratin tipped hair to the root of your hair; this method is popular among people with fine or thinning hair. Both methods can cost anywhere from $500 to $1000 and last up to six months.

Unlike traditional extensions such as sew-ins, with hair fusion extensions you are given more freedom. When properly installed, you can treat it as you would your own hair; you can shampoo, relax, perm or dye your hair with the fusion extensions. This process looks its best when done with 100% human hair that perfectly matches your own color and texture. Most salons use Remy Hair because of its long lasting benefits. Before receiving extension service you should consult your stylist on which fusion method is best for you.

What was once reserved for the rich and famous is now available for today's most beautiful woman: You! Hair Fusion.... is available at






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