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Frequently Asked Questions | Lovette's Lovely Remy
What Colors are Available?
Our hair is only available in the colors of the donor who grew the hair.   We do not offer any coloring services we leave the hair pure and natural for you or you stylist to color.  Colors are natural black that's shades darkest to sunkist brown.
What is Remy/Remi Hair?
Real Remy hair is the highest-grade human hair available and comes from one individual. Virgin hair has not been chemically processed in any way. The hair is sectioned and allowed to fall into its natural growing pattern. The hair is then cut to maintain the natural cuticle direction so matting and tangling are virtually eliminated.
Why Indian Remy?
Indian Remy hair extensions naturally match hair types from Caucasian to African American giving you a more natural look. It is equally important to use high quality Indian hair for your extensions to achieve the look you desire.


What is Virgin Remy Hair?
Virgin hair is Remy hair that has not been chemically processed.
What is a Hand-Tied Weft?
Hand tied wefts are done by hand and are much thinner then machine wefts. They will lay flat against your scalp to give you a more natural look, reducing bumps caused by bulky wefts. Do not cut the weft. I know some People will still cut them but I must tell you that you run the risk of the weft unraveling. Hand tied wefts are better for weaving due to the small weft it is very difficult to apply the bonding glue. Bookmark and Share

Remy Hair Products

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Straight Bulk Hair - 10" to 12" (4 OZ)
Straight Bulk Hair - 10

Wavy/Curly Bulk Hair - 12" to 14" (4 OZ)
Wavy/Curly Bulk Hair - 12

Wavy/Curly Hand-Tied Weft - 18" to 20" (4 OZ)
Wavy/Curly Hand-Tied Weft - 18

Curly Hand-Tied Weft - 12" to 14" (4 OZ)
Curly Hand-Tied Weft - 12

Curly Hand-Tied Weft - 15" to 17" (4 OZ)
Curly Hand-Tied Weft - 15

Straight Bulk Hair - 18" to 20" (4 OZ)
Straight Bulk Hair - 18

Straight Hand-Tied Weft - 15" to 17" (4 OZ)
Straight Hand-Tied Weft - 15

Straight Bulk Hair - 14" to 16" (4 OZ)
Straight Bulk Hair - 14

Wavy/Curly Bulk Hair - 18" to 20" (4 OZ)
Wavy/Curly Bulk Hair - 18

Wavy/Curly Hand-Tied Weft - 12" to 14" (4 OZ)
Wavy/Curly Hand-Tied Weft - 12

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